Callname: Pi
Gender: Female
Color: YLW
coat Genotype: Yellow - Hidden Black - eeBB
Whelp Date: 4/24/2014

OFA Hips: LR-221304G25F-VPI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL73374F25-VPI
UKC Reg: R246-196
AKC reg: SR82299804
Owner: Carolyn Elam
Breeder: Donald Isham

Pi's Pedigree


At Stud: 

Smoke has the looks and talent of a Blazing Red Kennels producer. He passed the 2015 Spring and Fall Grands, Passed 12 out of 13 Master tests and is a consistent performer in HRC and is a member of the 500 point club. 

He's yellow factored

OFA Hips Good

OFA Elbows Normal
Eyes clear

EIC carrier

​CNM clear

He duck hunts in Mississippi and Arkansas ever winter. 

Smoke's Pedigree 

GHRCH UH Rexsun Silky Smoke MH

Blazing Red Ruby Teufel Hunden (Ruby) 
FEMA Human Remains Detection K9
Type III Land Human Remains Detection

The pictures you see here are just a moment in time of what I have asked my Flame daughter to do.   She's incredible biddable and resilient.  At the age of three, she has become one of less than 100 FEMA certified Human Remains Detection dogs that serve our country during disasters. At the age of two, she passed her wilderness Human Remains Detection certification to assist local law enforcement in the hunt for lost or missing people.

 In order to pass these tests, she must locate the strongest source of odor and bark until I reach her.  She's a very solid methodical searcher who takes her time and once she commits, will even refuse to leave odor for her reward.  Whether I ask her to do this in the middle of a rubble pile or the woods, she works highly independently and doesn't quit.  

To pass her FEMA certification, we completed an off leash obedience exercise, five minute down stay with the handler out of sight, figure 8 heeling exercise, agility which includes a teeter, wobbly surface (complete with a turn), a partially blocked tunnel with a 90 elbow and must climb a ladder set at a 45 angle up to an 8ft plank.  We must also complete control at a distance, think of a major league baseball diamond and I must direct her to various bases without leaving home plate.  Lastly, we have a rubble pile to search that is ~10,000 square feet in 15 minutes.   

 Ruby handles being a house dog as well as being a working dog.  She's incredibly affectionate and enjoys a good chewy or cuddling on the bed.  

I have enjoyed training with her so much that I chose a Flame son to be my next FEMA Live Find search dog. 

Thank you so much for such a well balanced, level headed driven dog!

 Robin Greubel
Paws of Life Foundation



HRCH Southforks Blazingredhot Chili 

​GRHRCH UH GMPR Blackpowder's Blazing Red Flame WC MH MNH QAA

HR Blazing Flame's Pilotlight N The Bayou

Callname: Chili
Gender: Female
Color: YLW
coat Genotype: Yellow - Hidden Black - eeBB
Whelp Date: 6/9/2013

OFA Hips: LR-215695G24F-VPI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL68703F24-VPI
CNM: Clear 
EIC: Normal
UKC Reg: R239-403
AKC reg: SR78138205
PRA: Carrier
OFA D LOCUS: Normal/ Clear
Owner: Carolyn Elam
Breeder: Louis R Piccione

Chili's Pedigree

Whelped Nov.15, 2008

My good friend Amy Monosmith decided to breed her female UH HRCH Takealine Echo to our founding sire Blaze. I really liked this breeding so I decided to pick out a pup to add to the herd we already had. I picked out a rambunctious dark yellow male and in keeping with Blazing Red tradition I named him Flame. Flame soon found his place in our household and was a wonderful pup very intelligent and quick to learn. I started puppy training keeping it fun, at 4 months I would let him run with the big dogs at the end of a guided upland hunt. It did not take him long to figure out how to retrieve all upland birds.

By five and half months he had began his career in hunt test earning titles with ease. By the age of two he had earned the following titles:

Title Date Earned Age (Mths)
SHR 5/3/09 5 1/2
JH 7/19/09 8
UH 2/14/10 15
HR 4/24/10 17
WC 5/13/10 18
HRCH 8/29/10 21
MH 11/19/10 24
GRHRCH October 2012 36

MNH Before 5 yrs old

Passed Master National in 2011, 2012, 2013

GMPR earned in 2015 making him one of the most titled labs in APLA

QAA on the first try, 2nd out of a 32 dogs field

Flame also made it to the 3rd Series of the 2010 Lyons GA fall HRC GRAND. This was his first time running. Pretty impressive considering he was running seasoned in the spring of that year. I was very proud of him he did a great job. 

Flame passed the 2011, 2012 Fall Grands and Master Nationals back to back. Then passed the 2013 Master Nationals for his MNH. 

Flame is a very versatile retriever whether at a hunt test, hunting ducks, geese, doves, or upland. We are proud to have him carrying on his father's genes our founding Sire: "UH HRCH CP TREDDOLPHIN BLAZING RED SH".

Flame is always wagging his tail and it will always remind me of Blaze years after he's gone. Flame has a great personality he loves everyone. I could not tell you the path I took to get to where Flame is in his training it's just like he reads my mind. He is truly one of a kind. I guess God knew it would be hard to fill Blaze's Paw's so he sent us FLAME. Flame's Pedigree 

EIC and CNM: CLEAR by Parents 

STUD FEE: $1000.00