We have a full -time Retriever training Program. Our goal is to develop your Retriever into the best Hunting or Competition partner you have ever had. You will be proud of the Hunting partner that comes home to you. Our Training services include:

Gun Dog Training For Duck & Upland Bird Hunting.
AKC and UKC Hunt test
Complete Obedience Program

Blazing Red Ruby Teufel Hunden (Ruby) 
FEMA Human Remains Detection K9
Type III Land Human Remains Detection

The pictures you see here are just a moment in time of what I have asked my Flame daughter to do.   She's incredible biddable and resilient.  At the age of three, she has become one of less than 100 FEMA certified Human Remains Detection dogs that serve our country during disasters. At the age of two, she passed her wilderness Human Remains Detection certification to assist local law enforcement in the hunt for lost or missing people.

 In order to pass these tests, she must locate the strongest source of odor and bark until I reach her.  She's a very solid methodical searcher who takes her time and once she commits, will even refuse to leave odor for her reward.  Whether I ask her to do this in the middle of a rubble pile or the woods, she works highly independently and doesn't quit.  

To pass her FEMA certification, we completed an off leash obedience exercise, five minute down stay with the handler out of sight, figure 8 heeling exercise, agility which includes a teeter, wobbly surface (complete with a turn), a partially blocked tunnel with a 90 elbow and must climb a ladder set at a 45 angle up to an 8ft plank.  We must also complete control at a distance, think of a major league baseball diamond and I must direct her to various bases without leaving home plate.  Lastly, we have a rubble pile to search that is ~10,000 square feet in 15 minutes.   

 Ruby handles being a house dog as well as being a working dog.  She's incredibly affectionate and enjoys a good chewy or cuddling on the bed.  

I have enjoyed training with her so much that I chose a Flame son to be my next FEMA Live Find search dog. 

Thank you so much for such a well balanced, level headed driven dog!

 Robin Greubel
Paws of Life Foundation



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If you are looking for Hunting dog training or training to make you dog an advanced Hunt test Competitor we have a program to fit your needs. Dogs that are put into our training program become a part of our family.

Our programs include both Basic and Advanced Training programs that will prepare your dog and you for whatever situations arise. We can also spend time with you and your dog to help you understand how to be a good dog handler. Your dog will be exposed to many training scenarios that will help him prepare for all types of hunting. We train in Wetlands, Flooded timber, Farm ponds, Gravel Pits, Hay fields, wooded land, Rolling Cattle farms, Milo, Switch Grasses, and Harvested Corn Fields. You name it we Train in it. 

Occasionally we will offer puppies of our top Field and English lines. These are from our Test Titled females and are extraordinary pups. We socialize the puppies and start them on wing clipped pigeons at 5 weeks. Weather permitting we will also introduce them to water at 6 weeks. All come with a written guarantee for your protection. You may buy a started dog or we would be happy to train your started dog as well.
(Note: Our expertise is diverse but falls mainly in the Dark Yellow shade of FOX RED.) 

Blazing Red Kennels. located 1 hour northwest of Dayton, Ohio, in the beautiful farmland of Darke County.