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We have a full -time Retriever training Program. Our goal it to develop your Retriever into the best Hunting or Competition partner you have ever had. You will be proud of the Hunting partner that comes home to you. Our Training services include:

  • Gun Dog Training For Duck & Upland Bird Hunting.
  • AKC and UKC Hunt test
  • Complete Obedience Program



FLAME Congratulations to Blazing Red Kennels FLAME for his most recent hunt test passes:
  • Fall 2012 AKC Master National
  • Fall 2012 HRC Grand
  • Earning his HRC 500 points
Flame is Blazing Red Kennels current top sire, available for stud. He is a proven producer of some promising looking pups!

Carolyn has a STARTED yellow male pup available that is:

  • Through Force Fetch
  • Collar Conditioned
  • Steady and doing easy doubles
  • Running single T
  • Has been upland hunting regularly (points too!) with Carolyn while guiding
  • Continuing with Carolyn training as of April 2013
YELLA This Started Pup "Yella" was born May 27 2012 from Blazing Red Kennels most recent breeding of Rigby X Ember (read more at Sire and Dam on stud/dam page). Call for more info on this great looking STARTED pup .

Also available: Started and finsihed dogs trained and owned by John Wilson owner of

All Puppies from Blazing Red Kennels are Whelped and raised in the house and introduced to Birds, and water (weather permiting)!


If you are looking for Hunting dog training or training to make you dog an advanced Hunt test Competitor we have a program to fit your needs. Dogs that are put into our Training program become a part of our family.
Our programs include both Basic and Advanced Training programs that will prepare your dog and you for whatever situations arise. We can also spend time with you and your dog to help you understand how to be a good dog handler. Your dog will be exposed to many training scenarios that will help him prepare for all types of hunting. We train in Wetlands, Flooded timber, Farm ponds, Gravel Pits, Hay fields, wooded land, Rolling Cattle farms, Milo, Switch Grasses, and Harvested Corn Fields. You name it we Train in it.

Occasionally we will offer puppies of our top Field and English lines. These are from our Test Titled females and are extraordinary pups. We socialize the puppies and start them on wing clipped pigeons at 5 weeks. Weather permitting we will also introduce them to water at 6 weeks. All come with a written guarantee for your protection. You may buy a started dog or we would be happy to train your started dog as well.
(Note: Our expertise is diverse but falls mainly in the Dark Yellow shade of FOX RED.)

See what others say about us!

Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 07:35:48 -0500
Subject: Testimonial
Dear Carolyn,
I really appreciate the time and effort you put in in training my lab Rigby. I have owned labs for years and had previously trained them myself but had never had the success that you have shown through your training of my newest dog. I appreciate your willingness to work with me. You not only trained the dog but you assisted me in understanding the how and why of your training techniques. Periodically assisting you in one of your training days was a great help. I also appreciate your ability in being able to work with dogs of different temperments, whether the dog is hard headed or may have a very soft nature. I would be glad to recommend anyone to you who is looking to have their dog trained for duck hunting, upland game, or for competition field trials.
Scott B., Brookville, OH

To anyone thinking of sending their dog to Blazing Red Kennels (Carolyn Elam):
"The old saying that there is no such thing as a "free" puppy is very true. But the investment in good training is a decision that I would never take back. It was worth every penny..."
"...I can't promise you that your dog will excel as quickly as mine did but what I can promise you is that Carolyn has a gift for training animals and without a doubt knows how to bring out your dogs full potential. The dollars you spend in training are nothing in the scheme of dog ownership. My dog is now a house dog that I am able to enjoy everyday for years and years to come."
Sincerely, Derek S.

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 20:12:39 EST
Subject: Sandy N
Dear Blazing Red Kennels,
Carolyn Elam's talent as a gundog trainer goes beyond knowing the "tricks of the trade". Carolyn has a clear understanding of the process it takes to bring a dog from one level of training to the next. I have seen her work effectively with young dogs and dogs who were started at a later age. She has the ability to assess a dog effectively and generate strategies for bringing out the most in a variety of temperments and levels of natural talent, the whole time making sure the dog loves the work. Carolyn has had my dog in training on several occasions, and gave her the best of care. She treated my dog as if it were her own, and kept me alerted to each accomplishment.
Whether you are looking for a better hunting partner, or a tune up on obedience or a title and ribbon, Carolyn can bring out the best in your dog. She has successfully titled her own dogs and clients' dogs as well, and understands the skills required to run AKC, UKC and APLA hunt tests successfully. Carolyn is a dedicated, tireless trainer, and devotes the time and energy it takes to get the job done.
Sandy N, Williamston MI

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 07:27:45 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Testamonial for Training

Training is in her blood. From training for show and obedience in 4-H at the age of 11. thru horse training and competing in Dressage and Park Harness, she has a feel for animals.
She started her own hunt test training with her own dog, Blaze in 2000, and has been training ever since. First for her own dogs, then on to training for clients. She now trains full time. She has trained for clients for the last 5 years.

There has never been an unsatisfied client. Many have titled their dogs based on Carols's training. For those who don't run their own dogs in tests, she fills that position also.
She has made a believer out of those who say that Show Labs don't hunt or win tests!
Blaze comes from confirmation lines, as does our own Harry. Blaze is a 500 point dog, winning many titles. Under her tutelage, Harry has become a serious hunt test contender. From the beginning of March, 2008 to May, 2008, he won his Started Retriever title in HRC. In June, he won his Junior Hunter title in AKC. This at the age of 5 and having been previously untaught in anything, including obedience!
Her passion for dogs and the hunt, as well as her patience, puts her at the top of the training game.
We would recommend her for any dog training you may need!

Katherine Taylor-Green
Equine, Wildlife, and Portrait Artist
WetCanvas! Moderator

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 3:46 PM
Subject: Testimonial - Recommendation for your Webpage

I would like to extend a thank you for the outstanding job you have done in training my Black Lab "Deke". I could not have imagined how much fun it is having a trained retriever at my side in the duck blind. Many people I hunt with and who I have met at Hunt Tests are very impressed with the level of ability for such a young dog, which I can attribute directly to the training services you have provided. Thank You!!

This being my first dog and not knowing the first thing about retriever training, I was really apprehensive about my own ability as a rookie trainer/handler. One of my biggest concerns was what to do when my dog finished training with you. I really appreciate the extra time you spent identifying additional things I need to work on, and most importantly, teaching me how to handle my newly trained retriever. I truly believe that this has aided in his development toward a fully finished dog, as the concepts taught were not lost when my dog returned home with me. Knowing that your help is only a phone call away definitely takes some of the frustration away when an issue does arise.
I will gladly recommend your services to anyone who is thinking about retriever training.
Again Thanks for Your help and continued support!
Dave Zemla & SHR Rainmakers Cajun Outlaw "Deke"
Canal Fulton, Ohio

Subject: Testimonial

Blazing Red's Copper Sunset "COPPER"
Copper (Blaze X Midge) recently had his first birthday. He is @ 24 1/2" at the shoulder and @ 80 lbs. in hunting condition. He looks alot like Blaze. I'm sure he will fill out in the next year or so and wind up in the 85-90 lbs. range. He has retrieved @ 25 ducks and that many upland birds in his first season. He is great on marked birds, and had a few double and tripple retrieves on ducks. I'm really impressed with his upland hunting skills. We hunt him with our English Setter, and I recall three times this season where he found birds where my Setter had just been!
I keep him in good shape, and he is an all day hunter which is nice given the fact that he is a big blocky dog. I have seen many labs who can only go an hour or two on an upland hunt; and then they are at your bootheel for the rest of the day.
His obedience is great. He loves to retrieve. He is perfect in the house. He has a nice coat, and handles cold water well. He is a great hunting dog and family dog as well.

Chal Curtis

Blazing Red Kennels Sold COPPER at 5 1/2 months English/ Field Cross. Copper now lives with the Curtis Family and loves his new home.

More testimonials available upon request!