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Grand Champion Dog Flame Pedigree

Whelped Nov.15, 2008

Two years ago my good friend Amy Monosmith decided to breed her female UH HRCH Takealine Echo to our founding sire Blaze. I really liked this breeding so I decided to pick out a pup to add to the herd we already had. I picked out a rambunctious dark yellow male and in keeping with Blazing Red tradition I named him Flame. Flame soon found his place in our household and was a wonderful pup very intelligent and quick to learn. I started puppy training keeping it fun, at 4 months I would let him run with the big dogs at the end of a guided upland hunt. It did not take him long to figure out how to retrieve all upland birds.

By five and half months he had began his career in hunt test earning titles with ease. By the age of two he had earned the following titles:
Title Date Earned Age (Mths)
SHR 5/3/09 5 1/2
JH 7/19/09 8
UH 2/14/10 15
HR 4/24/10 17
WC 5/13/10 18
HRCH 8/29/10 21
MH 11/19/10 24
GRHRCH October 2012 36
Flame also made it to the 3rd Series of the 2010 Lyons GA fall HRC GRAND. This was his first time running. Pretty impressive considering he was running seasoned in the spring of that year. I was very proud of him he did a great job.
He will be running the Miss. Spring Grand 2011.
Flame only needs 3 more passes in master's nat. club test to be qualified for 2011 Master Nationals.
Somewhere in the next few years I hope to find time to run Flame in APLA he also Points like his Father and many siblings.
Flame is a very versatile retriever whether at a hunt test, hunting ducks, geese, doves, or upland. We are proud to have him carrying on his father's genes our founding Sire:
Flame is always wagging his tail and it will always remind me of Blaze years after he's gone. Flame has a great personality he loves everyone. I could not tell you the path I took to get to where Flame is in his training it's just like he reads my mind. He is truly one of a kind. I guess God knew it would be hard to feel Blaze's Paw's so he sent us FLAME.

EIC and CNM: CLEAR by Parents

STUD FEE: 800.00

Retired from Breeding - DAM: HRCH UH CPR Treddolphin's Blazing Ember JH

Champion Dog Champion Dog

Ember is Sired by our Stud HRCH UH CPR TREDDOLPHIN BLAZING RED SH . Ember has went on to prove that our lines of Labrador Retrievers With a strong English Lineage can compete and succeed in the Hunt test field. She is one of the few all English bred dogs to hold a diverse amount to Hunt test titles.

As of April 2013: Carolyn has a STARTED yellow male pup "Yella" available that is through force fetch, collar condition, has regularly hunted upland while Carolyn is guiding, steady and doing easy doubles, running single T, and currently continuing with training. Pup was born May 27 2012 and is from a Blazing Red Kennel most recent breeding of Rigby X Ember. Call for more info on this started pup!

  • Started Hunting ret. title at 11 months 4 for 4
  • Hunting Retriever title at 16 months, 3 for 3
  • Upland title in one Weekend
  • Upland Hunter title at 21 months, achieved in one weekend
  • Junior Hunter title at 23 months, 4 for 4
  • Hunting Retriever Champion title at 3 years.
  • Certified Pointing Retriever in one day
  • Ember passed 4 out of 5 Master test in 2008 (one failed due to Handler error) She needs only 2 more passes for her Master Hunter title.
  • Ember Earned her Master Hunter Title at Backwater Retriever Club Passing back to back test. Sept. 2009
  • She is also all English bred like her Sire.
  • She is a excellent Hunting partner on Waterfowl and Upland she points like her Sire.

She is a excellent Hunting partner on Waterfowl and Upland she points like her Sire. Ember will continue her career in Hunt test and will be running for her Grand Master Pointing Retriever title in Spring of 2010 Ember is a very steady, easy going dog that handles great and is everyones dream going to the line. Ember is Consistent in her marking and blind running abilities. Ember is Fox Red. Her dam is retired here at our home. and still likes to retrieve birds every chance she gets.

  • Ember is OFA GOOD LR-172144G31F
    Eyes Normal LR-47872
    Optigen: Normal/Clear
    EIC: Carrier
  • CNM: Clear


Champion Dog Champion Dog

( NFC AFC Five Star General Patton X Oakledge Daily Dash of Pep), Whelping date: Aug. 9, 2007,
Owners: Scott and Sherry Behnken, Brookville OH

Rigby's Story starts with a Phone call from Scott early in 2008. Scott was looking for some help in Training his next Hunting buddy. Scott had trained his first Lab on his own but, was looking to do more advanced training and knew with his limited time he would need help. This was my privilege.
So begins a Great dogs Career.
Rigby was already off to a great start with the Obedience training and retrieveing that Scott had givin him. But, running a successful business Scott's time was limited and seeing the potential Rigby had Scott sent Rigby to stay and complete his Training here at Blazing Red Kennels.
Rigby is all Class. He has the best marking and Memory ability of any Lab. Ret. I have seen or trained. Plus, he has High drive and 100% trainablilty, in a great looking package.
Rigby's pedigree says it all with some of the best Field lines you can ask for.
Rigby started his Hunt Test Career April 2008

UKC Titles
  • Passed 2 Started test at 9 months Handled by Scott earning his 10 points.
  • Hunting Retiever title at 13 months - passing 3 in row. Handled by Carolyn
  • Upland Hunter title at 18 months - passing 4 in one weekend Handled by Scott
  • Hunting Retriever Champion title at 21 months - with combined Handling by Scott and Carolyn
AKC Titles
  • Junior Hunter title at 10 months - passing 4 straight Handled by Carolyn
  • Master Hunter title at 25 months - passing 6 out of 7 ran Handled by Carolyn
  • First Grand attempt fall 2009
  • This is only the beginning of Rigby's Hunt test Career we will be working on his Grand Hunting Retriever title in 2010 and looking to qualify for the Master National in 2011.
Rigby Clearances are:
  • OFA: Good LR-184262G26M - VPI
  • Elbows: Normal LE-EL45111M26 -VPI
  • Eyes: Normal To be rechecked April 2010
  • EIC: Clear
  • CNM: Clear

We did a Color Coat test and found Rigby is Yellow factored!

Stud Fee is 700.00 To approved Bitches (OFA Hips, Eyes Clearances Neg Brucellosis Required)
Fresh Chilled Extented semen available


Champion Dog Champion Dog

Cinder is a Daughter of FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed X HRCH Rogue River Lickity Split (NAFC FC NAFC EBONSTAR LEAN MAC) She is a Phenomanal Performing Dog.

  • Started Hunting Retriever title at 11 months
  • Hunting Retriever title at 19 Months
  • Hunting Retriever Champion Title at 20 Months
  • Earned her MH title passing 7 out of 7 Master Hunter Test
  • Qualified for the Master Nationals in 2008 and 2009
  • Earned her Upland title in one weekend passing all ran
  • For the hunt test season of 2008 Cinder passed all tests. She ran 8 finished test 5 Master test
  • Cinder has past 13 out of 14 Master tests
  • Cinder earned her Grand Title fall 2011 !
  • Cinder past the Tenn. Fall Grand 2009 With ease!!!!!
  • Earned her Upland title in one weekend passing all ran
  • She went to the 4th Series of the 2006 Fall Grand
  • Great at Running her Blinds
  • She is a outstanding Marking dog
  • Cinder is a Very Fast running dog
  • She is a Hunting Machine from Waterfowl to Upland

  • OFA GOOD LR 154676G24F-PI
  • Eyes Normal LR 43790
  • CNM Clear

Retired from breeding - STUD: HRCH UH CPR Treddolphin Blazing Red SH

Champion Dog Champion Dog

Retired from Stud Service

Blaze has a wonderful personality. He is a great family pet besides being an outstanding working Retriever and one of the few English bred lab. that ran at the Finished Level in HRC and did so well. Due to a injury Blaze was retired from compitition in Spring of 2007 but still enjoys light training and hunting every chance he gets.

  • Produces Fox Red
  • Very Consistant Performer in HRC And AKC Hunt test
  • Upland title in one Weekend
  • He has passed 10 out of 10 Upland test ran
  • Impeccable Line Manners
  • Great Marking Dog
  • Precision Handling
  • Passed 27 out of 33 Finished test ran
  • Earned his Certified Pointing Retriever Title in One Day
  • Passed 1 Master out of 1 ran.
  • 500 point dog in HRC
  • Due to a injury Blaze was retired from Compitition in Spring of 2007 but still enjoys lite training and Hunting every chance he gets.
  • Excellent Hunting Companion: For Duck, Goose, Dove, and all Upland Game.
  • He is one of the few English Bred dogs that holds this Many Working titles.
  • Pedigree has Multiple English, Canadian, American and International Champions.
  • Blaze Produces great looking pups that can to the job. May it be in the field or hanging out by the fire.
  • Extended Chilled Semen available for shipping. We no longer do Natural breeding with Blaze but, his Shipped Chilled Semen has proven to do the Job.
    OFA GOOD LR-128516G26M
    Eyes Normal LR-35869/2007
    DNA-Profiled #V389259
    Negitive Brucellosis and OFA Required
    Pictures of Blaze puppies on our Picture Gallary.
    Deceased October 2011